The Elements of  Creative & Expressive Artistry:
A Philosophy for Creating Everything Artistic
by Brian K. Hemphill

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Author & Artist Brian K. Hemphill Set to Exhibit Work in ArtUndressed in Miami, Fl.

On May 18-19-20,in the 8th annual ArtUndressed Exhibition that takes place in Miami, Fl., visual artist and author Brian K. Hemphill exhibits his work Screw 2050.  Although this composition only represents one aspect of the artist's body of work, Hemphill, under his professional artist name, b.k.hemphill, offers the following explanation of his approach to composition in his artist statement. "My artwork morphs into forms as diverse as my interests. In my artistic work, I strive to express the elements of artistry which contribute to expressive artistry as articulated in my book The Elements of Creative and Expressive Artistry. These elemental lens, which include spontaneity, form, composition, emotionality, spirituality, and conscious and subconscious imagination provides focus as I explore subjects as wide ranging as urban and natural landscapes, animal studies, humanities, history, social justice, science, technology, metaphysics, social media, and world culture. Presently, I employ oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, marker, and mix media. The elemental aesthetic I envision expressing through a given subject coupled with the density of ideas and information presented in each composition often determine the material approach utilized to execute the work."

Visitors can view photos of some of the other visual artworks of b.k.hemphill by visiting his visual arts website at: http:

Organizations interested in hosting a book reading or workshop event can email Brian using The Author Contact Form. 

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